Starting from an ancient Zen question ” What did my face look like before my parents were born?”, in this work I’m collecting different perspectives and perceptions of myself in order to re-examine how we identify ourselves with certain things such as given name or inherited features and behaviour, but also how others define us.

Considering we are made of dualities such as father and mother, nature and nurture or private and public, I’m trying to find acceptance and unity in my self-image by gathering different data that relates to me, starting from my family to medicine, biometry and ancient spiritual practices such as astrology and palmistry.

This work deals with what is predestined, unchangeable and determined such as the lines on my palm, the uniqueness of my fingerprint or inherited behaviour. By giving family members different tasks such as to choose one photo of me or to photograph me, I’m using them as a mirror in which I search for my true self.

From intimate to public, PERSONA(L) talks about individuality as it does about universality. This mosaic of my life and identities represents a complicated surface under which lies my original face. All this is me, but at the same time, none of this is me, so therefore I am still left with a question “What did my face look like before my parents were born?”

The work was made during PARALLEL – European Photo Based Platform.